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Success Stories

ASUS UK data centre survey report - main Report
Energy-efficiency in the data centre: A survey of UK decision-maker priorities

ASUS Boosteroid success case - desktop Gaming

ASUS and Boosteroid team up to deliver industry shaping cloud gaming solutions

Howman Seismic Services High Performance Computing
Howman Seismic Services

ASUS servers have seismic effect on speed of analyzing subsurface data

Reallusion success case - desktop Content Creation

ASUS work with Reallusion to build a powerhouse rendering solution based on NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

ASUS and EPIC PC are in a partnership that accelerated game deve Gaming

ASUS and EPIC PC are in a partnership to achieve multiple No.1 world-record perfomance on V-Ray.

ASUS helps Certis to build data center for security in Singapore Artificial Intelligence

ASUS has become the trusted technology partner with Certis to build data center for security in Singapore.

CGCG studio creates HPC with ASUS servers Content Creation
CGCG Studio

ASUS helps CGCG studio for improved 3D rendering and animation performance, cutting the animation rendering times in half.

Electronics Academy, Japan Electronics College Virtualization
Electronics Academy, Japan Electronics College

The vGPU-VDI application in CG education environment powered by ASUS ESC4000 G4 servers and NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

ASUS server's importance in disaster prevention system High Performance Computing
National Cheng Kung University

The National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan chose ASUS multi-node servers to build a comprehensive disaster prevention system.

ASUS Servers helps to build World’s top supercomputer – TAIWANIA High Performance Computing
TAIWANIA 2 Supercomputer

ASUS work with industry partners to initiate the design and the construction of TAIWANIA 2 supercomputer and TWCC AI Platform.