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Multinational IT Center Construction: Tailored Solutions for Global Retail Group

• Customer:  Multinational Retail Group

• Location: USA

• Industry: Data Center for global chain-store system

Project background

Amidst the dynamic landscape of multinational retail, a leading company recognized the imperative to enhance its IT infrastructure to sustain expanding operations and deliver flawless customer service. Following thorough deliberation, the company selected ASUS as its reliable ally for this significant initiative.

The challenge

The client utilized its own robust management software to oversee the operations of its global chain-store systems. Seeking a data center solution, the client aimed for seamless integration with its existing software, avoiding the need for an additional layer of management interface.

Our solution

The choice to go with ASUS over industry leaders such as HPE and Dell stemmed from the adaptability of ASUS, allowing the company to connect the client’s existing management software with ASUS servers through an API. This integration ensured that customerservice logs and other crucial information could be seamlessly shared, enhancing operational efficiency.


• ASUS stood out with its flexibility in offering customized solution based on clients requirement.
• The ASUS team worked closely with the company's IT department to address design complexities and tailor the solution to their specific requirements. Through collaborative problem-solving, they created a robust and scalable infrastructure that would support the client's growth for years to come.
• Despite the intricacies involved, the deployment of the new IT infrastructure was completed in an impressively short span of just a few months. The agility ASUS and prompt response to our client’s needs played a pivotal role in this speedy implementation.


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