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“Certis has beneted from the advantage of being able to access to a pool of highly skilled engineering resources and AI professionals from ASUS. They have been playing an important role advising us on the best industry practice in constructing a purpose-built computing solution to support our business requirement. By leveraging on their expertise and professional services, ASUS has efficiently speed up our pace to address market demand and full our customer needs. “As such, ASUS has become our trusted technology partner, enabling us to stay focus in our core area to oer higher value-added services.”

Fuji Foo, Chief Digital Ocer, Certis



Certis, a leading advanced integrated security services provider, headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and the Middle East, aims to use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to redefine the security industry. In 2019, it established Certis Centre for Applied Intelligence (CCAI), a research hub that harnesses deep research capabilities globally to develop solutions that can be operationalised to benefit businesses and society, and drive tech-led transformation. CCAI is equipped with software and hardware capabilities for machine learning and deep learning in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics. It is powered by the ASUS GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) farm with a processing capacity that is scalable, enabling its training speed to increase exponentially.



Build a GPU farm and AI cloud platform to facilitate AI model inference and training.

- Integrate and develop AI tools and applications into Certis’  business scenarios to achieve service innovations.


- The GPU farm consists of ASUS ESC8000 G4 servers, based on a powerful GPU architecture that supports up to eight high-performance NVIDIA Quadro® and Tesla® GPU cards in a 4U chassis, providing scalable and flexible system topology configuration options.
- ASUS Cloud Infra, a comprehensive software stack for cloud infrastructure, and ASUS AI Maker, an AI Platform, provide the modern cloud technology and end-to-end AIOps for Machine Learning lifecycle.



This collaboration was implemented based on the big data accumulated by Certis and bespoke design-for-purpose solutions and services in AI surveillance and monitoring technology in enforcements. The seamlessly integrated software and hardware platform of the state-of-the-art AI Cloud and GPU farm, has paved the way for Certis’ vision in innovative security solutions and industry transformation, which also showcases and strengthens ASUS’ leadership in AI.







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