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Boosteroid is a global cloud gaming provider. Launched in 2019, the company enables remote cloud-based access to PC video games across devices and platforms. Games are rendered on remote servers, and the gameplay is streamed to the end-user’s device via the internet. This makes it possible to run video games even on low-end or outdated, ultraportable devices, as well as on almost any platform or operating system. Boosteroid pioneered the industry and is currently one of the largest and the most actively expanding providers. It has 18 data centers across Europe and the U.S., and these data centers are equipped with cutting-edge server hardware developed together with ASUS. 


Evolution of Cloud Gaming 

Cloud gaming originated as a solution that allowed gamers to play high-end games on low-end devices. Today it goes far beyond that. Cloud gaming makes access to games faster and easier, attracting users of all stripes — from new gamers all the way to pro players. Cloud gaming doesn’t require investment in high-end gaming rigs, and there are no downloads or installations of game files. Instead, users get one-click access to video games directly in browsers and on any internet-connected device. Cloud gaming is also providing access to PC games allowing them to be accessed online and played on a large TV without a console. Similar to the way streaming services have become the standard way that most users watch videos or listen to music, cloud gaming is the way of the future for video games.





“For us, ASUS is not just a vendor, it’s a true technology partner committed to designing and delivering outstanding custom server solutions, ASUS has proved many times to be the right partner on our way to global expansion”

- Ivan Shvaichenko, CEO at Boosteroid



Challenges to shape the future  

Since its early years, cloud gaming has often been referred to as a very promising emerging technology that needs to be improved to ensure that gaming experiences in the cloud are high-quality. Latency, image quality, and overall smoothness of gameplay have been seen as critical metrics that will dene the adoption of cloud gaming. Together with ASUS, Boosteroid has addressed these challenges by creating an optimal server infrastructure that ensures advanced cloud gaming experiences with ultra-low latency, high image quality, and flawless performance.



Through continuous research and development with ASUS, Boosteroid employs the latest server technology. New Boosteroid servers deployed in the U.S. in 2022 featured upgraded CPU and GPU performance. Soon, Boosteroid and ASUS will launch a hardware solution capable of delivering 4K at 60-240 fps game streaming — a true game changer.


This solution will enable more sophisticated gaming on the cloud, providing even better gameplay quality than the current industry standard. Moreover, this new system will improve big-screen cloud gaming, supporting 4K visuals. This step is especially relevant for Boosteroid, as it has partnered with Sharp, Philips, Skyworth and other top-tier TV and set-top box manufacturers with the goal of bringing PC games onto the big screen to over 70 million devices by mid-2023.





Moving forward with ASUS server solutions 

ASUS has been working in close partnership with Boosteroid since 2019. ASUS server solutions are a vital component of Boosteroid’s technical and business models. ASUS flexibility and engagement at every stage, from R&D and purchase to maintenance and support, is what Boosteroid values the most.


“Working closely with Boosteriod, ASUS has delivered market-leading rack-scale server solutions to advance cloud gaming technology,” says Robert Chin, General Manager at ASUS Server Business Unit. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Boosteroid, as we help them achieve their business objectives by providing the latest server technologies.” Working with multiple vendors of server components, ASUS has successfully provided solutions for Boosteroid, meeting technical and business needs. Today, Boosteroid has over 3 million global users and has a goal of 100 million users by 2025.



Why ASUS in Cloud Gaming 

- Validated platform 

- 4K 60FPS gaming streaming portfolios, including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel platform

- Optimized vGPU allocation for TCO



ASUS Cloud Gaming Servers

- ESC4000A-E12: Delivers more GPU options to support high-resolution streaming capability

- RS720A-E12: Provides the necessary high performance for a cloud gaming service



Spotlight on Boosteroid 

Boosteroid is a global cloud gaming provider based in the UAE, Ukraine and Romania. The development of Boosteroid cloud gaming service started in 2017, and in 2019 it had a commercial launch. Today Boosteroid is available in Europe and North America. Boosteroid operates 18 data centers where its hardware is deployed, which is one of the largest networks of GPU-based infrastructure. In 2022, the company's customer base exceeded 3 million active users. Boosteroid expects to have 100 million active users by 2025. Currently Boosteroid employs more than 100 people.  Learn More 



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