Open Compute Project (OCP) 3.0

ASUS OEI-10G/X710-2T is an OCP 3.0 network adapter designed for use Intel v2.0 motherboards that features a PCI Express® (PCIe®) 3.0 interface, and OCP form factor — empowering users to easily integrate a mezzanine card in OCP-compatible motherboards or systems. OEI-10G/X710-2T also provides a flexible and perfect fit for Open Compute Project integrations.

Embrace the 10Gbps trend

Modern applications increasingly demand high bandwidth to transfer large amounts of information, especially in data centers, high-performance computing (HPC), web-hosting and enterprise settings. Ultrafast 10Gbps Ethernet is the ideal technology for moving large amounts of data quickly, enabling the network speeds needed for large-scale virtual machines and virtualization environments. The extreme bandwidth it provides in conjunction with server consolidation is highly advantageous for cloud computing, virtualization software, web caching, real-time application response, databases, social networking and business logic apps, science simulations and professional modeling.

Cost-effective 10GBase-T solution

ASUS OEI-10G/X710-2T is a cost-effective 10GBase-T solution that enables 10Gbps Ethernet operations on twisted-pair copper cabling over distances of up to 100 meters, offering great flexibility for network design. By accessible, compatible RJ-45 connectivity, OEI-10G/X710-2T delivers affordable 10Gbps Ethernet performance wherever it’s needed. The adapter also provides the backward compatibility with older Ethernet standards, ensuring migration to 10Gbps is both straightforward and seamless.