PCIe 5.0 Ready

Faster storage, graphics and networking capabilities

PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 delivers 32GT/s bandwidth, which is twice the speed of PCIe 4.0, and offers lower power consumption, better lane scalability and backwards compatibility. ASUS servers are PCIe 5.0 ready with scalability design to satisfy the increasing workloads for modern data center.

System Layout System Layout

11300W Redundant PSU (Optional)

22x E1.S hot-swap drive bays (Optional for E1.S module SKU only)

33x PCIe Gen5 x16 (FHHL)

41 x 5th Gen Intel Xeon CPU

52x M.2 (22110/2280, PCIe)

68x DDR5 DIMM slots

72 x External SATA/NVMe

* No internal SSD option for 1300W PSU
The E1.S modules are for the E1.S module SKU only and cannot be purchased separately

System Layout System Layout

1650W Redundant AC/DC PSU (Optional)

22x E1.S hot-swap drive bays (Optional for E1.S module SKU only)

32x Internal SATA SSD (Optional)*

43x PCIe Gen5 x16 (FHHL)

51 x 5th Gen Intel Xeon CPU

62x M.2 (22110/2280, PCIe)

78x DDR5 DIMM slots

82 x External SATA/NVMe

* 2 x 2.5 internal bays only for 650W/Short PSU models

Front Panel Front Panel

1VGA port

22 x USB 3.2 Gen1 ports

3Location button

4Power button

52 x 2.5” storage bays (only for 650W models)

6Asset tag

Rear Panel Rear Panel

1PCIe Gen5 x16, FHHL

2PCIe Gen5 x16, FHHL

3PCIe Gen5 x16, FHHL

4RJ45 Console port

52 x USB 3.2 Gen1 ports

6Dual 10G LAN ports

7Management LAN port

82 x E1.S modules (optional)

9VGA port

10Location button

11Power button

12Redundant power supply

Block Diagram
5G Core and Edge Core and Edge
Edge AI Inferencing Edge AI Inferencing
Industrial Applications Industrial Applications
Virtualization Virtualization

5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors unleashes up to 21% average general-purpose performance gain, significantly improving AI inference and training, all via the drop-in-compatible LGA-4677 socket. This innovation powerhouse accelerate AI, HPC, Analytics, Networking, Storage and offer eight DDR5-5600 memory channels for up to 2 TB capacity, 80 PCI Express® 5.0 lanes with CXL 1.1 support, and a 350 W TDP for 1P configurations — ready for the future of computing.

Built-in Accelerators
5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor built-in accelerators structure
Intel® QuickAssist Technology
For faster encryption and bulk data compression
Intel® Data Streaming Accelerator
(Intel® DSA)
To speed-up data movement
Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions
(Intel® AMX)
Too boost AI inference and training with 2D tiled operation
Intel® In-Memory Analytics Accelerator
(Intel® IAA)
To boost database performance with lower memory bandwidth
Intel® Dynamic Load Balancer
(Intel® DLB)
To optimize queue scheduling and packet processing

Server-management Solution

Remote server management

ASUS ASMB11-iKVM is the latest server-management solution from ASUS, built upon the ASPEED 2600 chipset running on the latest AMI MegaRAC SP-X. The module provides various interfaces to enable out-of-band server management through WebGUI, Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Redfish® API.

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BMC performance chart

Streamline IT operations via a single dashboard

ASUS Control Center (ACC) is remote IT management software designed for monitoring your hardware and software IT assets and inventory status and enabling seamless remote BIOS configurations and updates, efficient IT diagnostics and troubleshooting and enhanced security with Hotfix updates, allowing easier server management for any IT infrastructure.

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ASUS control center software